Weddings… Weddings everywhere.

And to be honest, we dont mind whatsoever!
I personally love to be able to help a couples perfect day something to remember for years to come. I’ve heard that a lot of photographers and videographers get tired of weddings, but after doing them for 5 years now, I haven’t started to like them any less than when I first started.
For example!
Recently we were asked to come help with photography and video for Chris and Cassandra Green… What a freaking blast! When the wedding was over, the bride and bridesmaids pulled out superhero masks that they were hiding and put them on for some of the pictures.
After that, and throughout the night we kept our photography equipment set up for if people wanted to get more pictures taken with the bride and groom, or just to get some pictures by themselves. Kept us entertained, as well as everyone at the reception it seems.

All in all, I dont feel that I will ever get tired of doing weddings. Its a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of… And the food is usually amazing!


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