“The Camera Doesnt Lie.” Photoshop in the 1900s?

I really enjoy photography, not even just being behind the camera, but enjoying others art. I also talk quite a bit about my hatred of photoshop/CGI special effects/auto tuning… People sometimes call me on the hypocrisy of me using photoshop to edit my own photos! I agree, I’m quite the hypocrite sometimes. BUT with that being said, I try really hard to promote artists who can pull off a great selection of creative photography without the use of photoshop.

For example, one HUGE reason I really enjoyed Lord of the Rings was using what is called “forced perspective.” They could have easily used CGI or green-screening to create something similar, but this extra work put into the movie really made it much more… well… Awesome! Below is a link to show you what I am talking about.

Photographers have been doing stuff like this for ages, and it blows my mind to see awesome pictures like these put together in such a fashion that to make it seem almost real.

“The camera doesnt lie,” or so the old saying goes.

Original article and featured picture found here: http://dft.ba/-1qBA


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