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By popular demand, we have begun to release new episodes of the Something Random Podcast! If you are new to the show, welcome! Something Random is a Comedy podcast where Charles, Mikeal, and Joel answer questions from their audience about movies and television! They answer questions like… What would Batman sound like if he was played by Tom Hanks? What would a Disney themed season of American Horror Story look like?

At the end of each show, the three hosts put together a new idea for a movie or television show (That they will probably never decide to make.)

Its funny!


Its downloadable online!

Episodes release each Wednesday Morning, and you can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you tend to find your podcasts!

However, its much easier to click links, so here is a link to the show!


Something Random is also a part of the KRFC Podcasting Network, a network designed to promote fantastic content from the Northern Colorado Area! You can head to their webside krfc.fm to see some of the other fantastic shows that they are releasing on a consistent basis! KRFC is also a non-profit radio station and has incredible content on terrestrial radio as well!

If you are interested in anything else regarding Something Random, please visit www.somethingrandommedia.com

“As always, thank you so much for listening… And have yourselves a wonderful week!”

podcast @ Something Random Media

The Something Random Podcast


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